• disciplines taught
    disciplines taught

    Sociology, psychology, the sciences of education, the sciences of information and communication, history are the main disciplines that are taught there according to the standard LMD Licence/ Master/ Doctorate.

  • German Embassy in Algeria
    German Embassy in Algeria

     Rector of Skikda University, Professor Boufandi Tawfiq, accompanied by the deans of the faculties, including Mr. Bolhouach Omar, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, receiving a delegation from the German Embassy in Algeria on 11/15/2121

  • Digital Week for Media and Communication Technology
    Digital Week for Media and Communication Technology
     The launch of the work of the digital week for information and communication technology, and that was at the Center for Systems, Networks, Television Education and Distance Education on Monday, 11/19/2021, in the presence of the University President and Deans of Faculties
  • welcome

    The staff of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Human Sciences, including professors and employees, welcomes Dean: Boulahouech Omar and wishes him good luck with more brilliance and success




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Aperçu de la faculté


La faculté des sciences sociales et des sciences humaines comprend quatre départements (04):

- Département des sciences sociales ........ 1462 étudiant(e)s

- Département de psychologie........1065 étudiant(e)s

- Département des sciences des médias et de la communication......1476 étudiant(e)s

- Département des sciences humaines.......... 1476 étudiant(e)s.

Ils sont encadrés par un arsenal de professeurs permanents et temporaires dont 162 professeurs permanents, assurant la formation et la transmission des connaissances à 5479 étudiant(e)s, parmi eux 32 professeurs occupent des postes supérieurs au sein de la faculté.

L’encadrement administratifcomprend des cadres administratifs et Personnel technique et administratif au nombre de 100 employés, dont 20 employés occupent des postes supérieurs.